Young Professionals

Affinity Group of Bulgaria



History of Young Professionals Affinity Group of Bulgaria

2014 On 4th of November 2014, ten young professionals and active IEEE members in the presence of the current IEEE Bulgaria section Chair have decided to sign a petition for establishment of novel Young Professionals Affinity Group of Bulgaria. During this first meeting were agreed that, Dr. Yancho Todorov will serve as Chair Interim of the group pending registration and first elections.

2014 On 2nd of December 2014 during the second meeting of the group was signed the petition. As founders of the group were listed:

2014 On 28th of December 2014, the petition has been submitted for approval by the Director of Region 8 and the Chair of Young Professionals Committee Chair.

2015 On 3rd of March 2015, (the National Holyday of Bulgaria) the Young Professionals Affinity Group of Bulgaria has received an official approuval and registration as novel established body with geo code: YP 80075.

2015 On 25th May 2015, after the first regular elections the YP's elected the FIRST EcCom members as: Chair - Dr. Yancho Todorov, Vice-Chair - Boyan Sotirov, Secretary - Dr. Gergana Lazarova, Treasurer/Webmaster - Tsvetan Filev.

2016 The first "project" application of the YP AG of Bulgaria within the "Distingushed Lecturer" program of IEEE CIS Society was approved in January 2016. Prof. James C. Bezdek is a Distingueshed YP guest within the organized "Computational Intelligence" workshop.

2016 After the second regular elections a new ExCom for the term ending 2018 was elected as: Chair: Dr. Angel Marchev, Jr., Vice-Chair: Dr. Yancho Todorov, Secretatry/Webmaster: Tsvetan Filev, Treasurer: Dr. Vladimir Kanchev