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IXth conference "Vanguard scientific instruments in management" 2016

2016-08-24 16:13:39

The IXth edition of the conference "Vanguard scientific instruments in management" will be held from 21 to 25 September 2016 in UNWE Study and recreational center in Ravda, Black Sea Coast, BULGARIA and it is co-sponsored by IEEE Young Professionals, Bulgaria.


Scientific sessions:

Futurology, Longevity, Transhumanism, Exponential times

• Business education for post- and trans-humanism
• Emerging ethical, legal, sociological, technological issues
• Disruptive technologies and entrepreneurship
• Valuation of startups
• Crowsdourcing
Teaching in 21 century: active methods of teaching

• New educational reality
• The teacher: from systematization authority to motivational facilitator
• Docendo discimus: learning by teaching
• The emerging non-paper textbook
• E-communications with the trainees
• E-education applied in business

Game-like approach in management

• Gaming layer over the World
• Applications of game dynamics
• Transforming of work environment to gaming reality
• Gamification
• Virtual gaming worlds
• The business of game development
Data science and algorithms

• Fuzzy approaches
• Chaos theory and fractals
• Multi-stage selection
• Evolutional algorithms
• Neural Networks

Financial engineering solutions

• FES third annual meeting
• Models of investors
• Evaluating investment securities
• Numerical methods for investment problems
• Implementation of efficient investment solutions

Self-organization and cybernetics in management systems

• Active and passive adaptivity
• Decisions under risk and uncertainty
• Automated decision making
• Holonization and virtual organizations
• Self-perfecting organizations
• Business applications of cybernetic theory

All members of IEEE Young Professionals Bulgaria willing to participate at the conference are exempted from registration fees!

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