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Seminar Young Professionals Talks 2 @ "TechSyS"

2016-04-20 12:21:02

This time, YP Bulgaria meets our present and future members @ TU-Plovidv during the International Conference "TechSyS" (26-28 May, 2016, http// On both conference days, you can meet us @ YP DESK near the REGISTRATION site, as well as to participate on formal dinners with us.

On 27th May, 2016 you can participate in our seminar “YP Talks 2” where several of the current YP members will give talks on interesting subjects concerning artificial intelligence, communication technologies and Wikipedia.

Programme of the talks:

Dr. Sevil Ahmed - TU-Plovdiv

Dr. Gergana Lazarova - SU "Sv. Kliment Ohdirski", Sofia

Dr. Margarita Terziyska - UFT-Plovdiv

  • System analysis for autonomous control of investment portfolios

Dr. Angel Marchev - UNWE, Sofia

Dr. Nina Dobrinkova - IICT, BAS

  • Importance and challenges of reproducible research

Dr. Vladimir Kanchev - TU-Sofia

  • Wikipedia in Education and Science -Whether, When and How?
Dr. Vassia Atanassova  - IBPBME, BAS

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